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galena - teaching student specimens of the primary ore of lead with attached matrix - Morocco - Unit of 5 specimens

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Galena - PbS         

Galena is a very common metallic sulfide. It often occurs in cubic crystals and has good cubic cleavage. It is practically the only source of lead, which is used in huge amounts in storage batteries and in shielding from radioactivity. Galena is the Latin name for lead ore. 

Galena is easily identified by students by its density, metallic luster and its cubic cleavage. These specimens all have some attached matrix, and are useful to point out that galena often occurs in veins, with the country rock or associated minerals attached. The cubic cleavage is less obvious with these, so students will have to consider density and the color of the streak to make an identification.

The locality given for these specimens was Talsint, Morocco. We'll accept Morocco, but doubt Talsint as the locality where mined. These have matrix attached, are good student specimens though they are not the cleaved specimens we also have. For those, see the galena from the Ahouli (Aouli) Mine.

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