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We don't ask for feedback as does eBay, since that's an imposition on our customers, but occasionally we get comments anyway. We don't use a customer's name without permission.

I just finished checking the rocks in.  I could not have asked for anything more! Truly, you have been the best vendor I have ever worked with!! Thank you so very much for packing the rocks the way that you do so that it was easy for me to differentiate each type of rock and for including the description of each so that all of our students and instructors have access to information on each of the rocks you collected. I am very impressed; all the way around! You have thought of everything! We can't wait to order from you again when it is time.  Brandy White, Clovis Community College

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I feel compelled to make a few comments on your operation, in short, it is one of the best I have seen in my 84 years.  Your descriptive labels are excellent and certainly up-to-date with current thinking.  Your packaging is first class.  Your specimens are excellent, large, clean and about as close to textbook examples as one can get.  Lastly, your prices are ultra-reasonable!

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It’s been a real pleasure to shop with you! Thank you for your excellent service.
Your specimens are beautiful! I really appreciate your inclusion of the geological history of the rocks and minerals you’ve collected. Knowing where each specimen was found is very important to me and your inclusion of that information is very much appreciated!
On top of that you are clearly taking great care to send the rocks and minerals safely and quickly.
As a future Earth science teacher, I’d say you definitely get an A, and set the curve for the rest of the class!
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