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We have been supplying teaching specimens of rocks and minerals useful in the classroom since 2012. Previously selling only through an eBay store where we have 100% positive feedback, we opened this website to make it easier for customers, where shipping is frequently less expensive and where prices almost always are. You can order online or just call us and tell us what you want - we'll do the rest. We appreciate your shopping here!

We think the small peanut-sized examples often presented to students are too small to show rock textures or the identifying characteristics of a mineral, but realize that this happens because of cost. We prefer that students work with specimens 2" or larger. We want the "Oh, wow!" effect when students see the set of rocks or minerals they are going to work with.

Our customers range from individuals and elementary school teachers to colleges and universities. if you have any questions geological, feel free to ask, as we are just as pleased to provide information as we are to sell specimens. Our goal is to make geology interesting to students and to do whatever we can for the teacher to make it happen.

We also collect for special orders, so if you are looking for something special and don't find it here, contact us. If we can find it and it's not in the growing off-limits area of national parks and monuments, we will add it to our inventory. We don't have everything we think ought to be in the classroom, but we're working on it. Some customers have want lists, and we're working on those too.

We feel that the specimens that students have in hand should not only be "textbook," clearly showing the characteristics of that rock or mineral, but they should also be attractive. One of our teacher customers remarked that we collect pretty specimens. We think so too.

We invite your questions and comments. Tell us what you think by using the Contact Us link at the top of the home page.

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