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sand - quartz - angular grained beach sand, primarily quartz, from Zuma Beach, Malibu, California in a 250 ml display bottle with ground glass stopper

$ 10.80

This sand is particularly interesting because of the angular nature of the quartz grains. As sand is transported down streams, feldspar disintegrates and weathers to clay. Quartz is resistant, so the sand delivered to the mouths of streams is frequently quartz rich, as is this sand. The grains become rounded as they are transported along the stream channel. The angular nature of these grains shows that transport was short.

This sand provides an excellent contrast with sands where the grains are rounded, such as the orange red sand derived from the Navajo Sandstone, originally transported across the continent from the Appalachians, concentrated into a huge dune field in present day southern Utah, lithified into sandstone, weathered again to sand and once again forming dunes. Those grains are smoothly rounded and coated with iron oxide.




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