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mudcracks in siltstone from the Timpoweap Member of the Moenkopi Formation

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Mudcracks are desiccation structures formed as silty or muddy sediments dry out and contract.

The Timpoweap is Lower Triassic in age and is the main producing interval of the Virgin oil field. Petroliferous outcrops and oil seeps are exposed  in Timpoweap Canyon of the Virgin River. The chocolate brown color is characteristic. 

The Moenkopi is exposed in a wide area of southeastern California, northern Arizona, western Colorado and southern Utah. It has abundant ripple marks and was deposited in an environment of tidal mud flats, sluggish rivers, flood plains and river deltas. It forms the lower slopes of many of the red cliffs in southern and eastern Utah.

Collected along Sheep Bridge Road south of Utah Highway 9, just south of Hurricane Mesa, in the Virgin Quadrangle, Washington County, Utah.


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