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fault gouge - clay formed in the San Andreas fault zone - Unit of 5 student specimens

$ 4.20

Take a continent and mash it up against one of the earth's oceanic crustal plates, grind them together a bit, and this is what you get - fault gouge - rock material ground to a fine clay. In this case, the collision is between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate. In the Mecca Hills in California the clay gouge has been squeezed up to form a linear ridge about 200 feet high. In the Mecca Hills, the rocks on either side of the fault are for the most part sedimentary, but gouge just like this can form from igneous rocks as well.

These specimens look squeezed, and will get the idea across to students. Some have slickensides, the parallel striations on a rock surface caused by movement of the rocks in a fault zone.

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