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Bison sp. cf. B. antiquus Leidy, 1852 - fossil tooth from the Pleistocene of Nebraska

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Fossil bison tooth -  Bison sp. cf. B. antiquus Leidy, 1852


Pleistocene sands, gravels and silts overlay much of Nebraska and often conceal the bedrock beneath. These "Ice Age" deposits often produce the remains of mammoths, bison, horses, musk oxen, elk and other familiar mammals. These teeth were collected from a steam bed in Lancaster County during the summer when water was low. The collector would row out and pick these up from the bottom.

Identifying the Bison species from a single tooth is problematical and we don't assign it to a particular species, though Bison antiquus was one of the most common large herbivores of the late Pleistocene in North America.




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