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We ship almost everything Priority Mail. It is usually the least expensive option and has the advantage of being fast. We always ship the least expensive way and we do not add a penny for handling. We refund any overpayment on shipping as soon as the box is packed.   

You can save quite a bit on shipping when you order more than one item. We will use a Regional Priority Mail box. That box will hold a number of student units or hand specimens. Use the chart below to see what shipping of that box would cost compared with the small flat rate box a single student unit or hand specimen would ship in. Use your zip code to find the shipping zone.

International buyers: click on "Combine Shipping" button in the cart or email us using the contact link on the home page for a quote on shipping.


Current shipping rates January 29, 2020 


     First Class package $3.63 through $5.53 depending on weight and zip code. There is a 16 ounce limit on First Class packages.

Priority Mail small flat rate box  $7.65
Priority Mail medium flat rate box  $12.80  
Priority Mail large flat rate box  $18.30

Multiple items - ask for an invoice by clicking on “Combine Shipping” button in the cart.       
Unless we can use a small flat rate box, we will use Regional Priority Mail as our first choice for anything over 16 ounces, as it has the least expensive rates. The limit is 15 pounds. These boxes are slightly smaller than the medium flat rate boxes. 
Since Regional Priority Mail is zip code sensitive, and since the ability to assign the correct rate has not been automated, please click the “Combine Shipping” button in the cart if your specimen ships Regional Priority. The invoice will have the correct shipping. 


Larger specimens ship in medium and large flat rate boxes at the rates shown above, but those boxes can usually accommodate other specimens as well.     
If you go straight to checkout with multiple items and don’t request an invoice by clicking on “Combine Shipping,” you may overpay          shipping. We’ll refund any overpayment as soon as the box is packed.


 If your item ships by Regional Priority Mail - see chart below.