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sandstone - teaching student specimens of a Miocene fine grained, banded, brown sandstone - Unit of 5 specimens

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Moderately lithified, this sandstone is Miocene in age and was deposited in a closed basin in a non-marine or brackish marine depositional environment. It is mapped as the Ridge Route Formation, part of the Ridge Basin Group. Occasional specimens have darker thin interbeds of silty clay - the bedding confirms this to a student as a sedimentary rock as do the loosely cemented fine sand grains that can be rubbed off. 

The sand grains in these specimens are slightly larger than those of a silt and when rubbed off onto a sheet of paper, will look like fine sand to a student.

It would be instructive to compare this sandstone with one is larger grained, with one that is cemented with calcium carbonate, and with different colored sandstones, as sandstone has great variety and a student should not see only one example.

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