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Perisphinctes (Prososphinctes) virguloides (Waagen, 1875) fossil ammonite from the Jurassic of Madagascar - smaller specimen

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Perisphinctes (Prososphinctes) virguloides (Waagen, 1875) 

Upper Jurassic - Tulear Province, Madagascar                                                                                                                       

This ammonite genus was widely distributed in the earliest stage of the Upper Jurassic, roughly between 163 and 57 million years ago. The genus was described in 1869 by German geologist and paleontologist Wilhelm Heinrich Waagen from the Kutch Basin in western India. The species, virguloides, was also described by Waagen, using fossils from the same area, in 1875. 

The specimens from Madagascar were described by French paleontologist Maurice Collignon from strata of the same age. The chalky white coating is typical. A regulation prevents fossils from being exported from Madagascar without being "processed." This results in many where the last whorl is just cut off. These are naturally broken and not cut, since the regulation is weakly enforced.

Roy, et al, 2012, in their systematic revision of Perisphinctes: Palaeoworld 21 (2012) 167–192, consider this species to be a geographic variant of the highly variable species  Perisphinctes (Perisphinctes) indogermanus Waagen, 1875. To read this article, click here.

For an interesting general article on ammonites, click here.



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