marble - student specimens of white large-crystal marble UNIT OF 5 SPECIMENS

$ 4.20

This marble is pure white with very large crystals. Marble and dolomite can look similar. Marble is calcium carbonate, derived by metamorphism from limestone. When further metamorphism adds magnesium, the result is calcium-magnesium carbonate, dolomite.

In the field and in the lab these two metamorphic rocks can be identified by their reaction to dilute hydrochloric acid. Marble strongly effervesces. Dolomite effervesces weakly, and strongly only when powdered by a few taps with the geologist's hammer. The difference will be obvious to students in the lab.

It would be instructive to compare this marble with a large-crystal dolomite. It can also look, at first glance, like a granitic rock missing the dark minerals, or like anorthosite. The granitics and anorthosite will not effervesce.


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