hand Lens - 10x and 20x folding magnifier

$ 6.00

Decent folding 10x and 20x hand lens, made in China (where else?). These aren't the Hastings triplets we paid a fortune for to use in college geology classes half a century ago, but the field of view is good all the way across except for near the edges and your wallet won't feel much lighter after purchasing one. You can get a good view of the crystals that makeup an igneous rock with these.

If you haven't used this type of lens, the trick is to bring it close to your eye, or to your glasses, by resting your hand against your cheek, then bringing the specimen up close to the lens. The Sherlock Holmes method, with the magnifier held at arms length or out in front of you, won't work. It won't take long to polish your technique. There's no shoelace loop on these, so you can't hang one of these around your neck. Geologists have their hand lenses around their necks, doctors their stethoscopes. What's wrong with a pocket?

Our supplier has been unable to get these 10x and 20x hand lenses but found one box. These have glass lenses, a chromed frame and a rivet instead of a screw at each pivot point, so you don't have t worry about a tiny screw falling out and disappearing.

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