gypsum - satin spar variety of gypsum from Morocco - Unit of 5 student specimens

$ 4.20

Gypsum - variety satin spar   hydrated calcium sulfate   CaSO42H2O

Satin spar is the fibrous crystal form of gypsum. It has a silky luster and often forms in veins. Gypsum is widely distributed in sedimentary rocks, often as thick evaporite beds. It is one of the first minerals to crystallize by chemical precipitation as salt water evaporates.

The primary economic use of gypsum is in the manufacture of plaster, where it is powdered and heated to about 150˚C to drive off the water. When water is added to plaster, it rehydrates to form gypsum again.

We were given a locality in Morocco for this satin spar, but as is occasionally the case with Moroccan specimens, it has been impossible to confirm. 



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