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Crassostrea titan (Conrad, 1853) - single left valve

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Crassostrea titan (Conrad, 1853) from the Upper Miocene Santa Margarita Formation of the Coalinga (California) oilfield. This is a left valve, the one that usually is the lower valve, lying on the sea floor. These oysters made massive reefs, with valves often cemented to neighbors, and commonly just one valve weathers free. 

The broad groove at the left end in the interior view was the location of the ligament that held the two valves together. Both valves were of equal size, unusual in oysters. C. titan ranges from Lower Cretaceous to present. The size of these oysters is extraordinary.

There are a number of oyster reefs in the Santa Margarita Formation near Coalinga, California, with some specimens even larger than this one.

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