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sandstone - laminated fine grained moderately lithified Miocene sandstone from the Ridge Route Fm. - hand/display specimen

$ 9.50

This sandstone is Miocene in age, is moderately lithified, and was deposited in a closed basin in a non-marine or brackish marine depositional environment. Over 9000 meters of fluvial rocks are mapped as the Ridge Route Formation, part of the Ridge Basin Group. These fluvial laminated strata, interpreted as deposited through overbank flooding, are interbedded with mudstone.

The field photo shows interbedded sandstone and mudstone in an outcrop of the Ridge Route formation. Notice the sandstone is resistant to weathering and forms a prominent ledge. In arid areas, sandstones are cliff-formers. 

The specimen with a black pencil and one coin is shown front and back. The back of each of these has been cut flat to emphasize the laminations.



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