hand lens - 15x LED illuminated folding magnifier with 1 longwave u/v LED and 2 white LEDs

$ 7.00

Two tiny white LED's illuminate whatever you are looking at. One bright longwave ultraviolet LED lights up any mineral that responds to longwave, as well as high-bright paper. Useful in the classroom, in the field, or when working on your stamp collection. Wide field of view, a decent 15x lens for the price. These are larger than the other folding hand lenses we offer, 2" long and 1" thick. These come with the battery installed. 

If you haven't used this type of lens, the trick is to bring it close to your eye, or to your glasses, by resting your hand against your cheek, then bringing the specimen up close to the lens. The Sherlock Holmes method, with the magnifier held at arms length or out in front of you, won't work. It won't take long to polish your technique. When using the u/v LED, you can hold it above the mineral at arm's length. 

There's a shoelace loop on these, so you can hang one of these around your neck if you don't want to carry it in your pocket. Geologists have their hand lenses around their necks, doctors their stethoscopes. Or you can stick it in your pocket. 

These have glass lenses, an aluminum frame, a plastic housing holds the lens, lamps and battery. There's a screw at each pivot point, which you should keep an eye on. A tiny tool that opens the battery compartment is included.


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