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basalt - vesicular olivine basalt from the 2018 east rift zone eruption of Kilauea - hand/display specimen

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Tholeiite basalt, rising from partial melts of peridotite in the mantle, is the most common igneous rock on earth and makes up the oceanic crust. It is the type of basalt found on the moon. Most Hawaiian basalt is tholeiitic.

Peridotite is composed primarily of olivine and pyroxine. Olivine crystallizes at a high temperature and is one of the first minerals to form crystals in the rising magma. It is common in Hawaiian basalts, weathering out of a Mauna Loa cinder cone near South Point, where it is concentrated in a cove to form a famous green sand beach. 

This olivine basalt was collected from the flow that consumed the community of Kapoho in 2018 and completely filled in Kapoho Bay, forming a lava delta. 



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