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sand - two 2-ounce jars of iridescent angular basalt sand from a lava flow at Kalapana, Hawaii

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This sand appears to have formed when it rained on the still hot glassy surface of this lava flow, shattering the glass as when when a lava flow enters the sea. These angular fragments have not been transported and there has been no rounding of the grains. This flow emerged from the east rift zone of Kilauea and came through the town of Kalapana in December 1990. It was still hot enough in 1994 that percolating rainwater turned to steam, which issued from surface cracks in the flow during rain showers. In 2015 the surface of that flow was being colonized by ferns and an occasional orchid.

Sand is derived from whatever material is locally available. In this case, the only available material is basalt. The surface of fresh flows is glassy, as there isn't enough time for the minerals in the lava to crystallize before the surface cools. The angular nature of these sand grains should tell a student that they have not been transported by wind or water and were collected close to the source rock.

You can substitute any other sand we offer for one of these jars.


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