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hematite - teaching student specimens of brown hematite - UNIT OF 10 SMALLER SPECIMENS

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Hematite is the most important iron ore. It occurs in extensive sedimentary deposits, around gas vents associated with volcanism, and in contact metamorphic deposits. These specimens are from a contact between limestone and a granitic intrusion. Often, carbonates are impure, containing iron as an impurity. The metamorphism caused by the igneous intrusion releases the iron to form an economic deposit.

This hematite was mined at the Black Magic Mines from a deposit that was discovered in 1917 but not mined until 1942. The mines were inactive in 1975 and are now inside the Death Valley National Park, so there is no collecting at the mine site. Some ore was stockpiled at a location that is outside the national park.

These specimens are brown and look a lot like limonite that has not begun to convert to yellow ochre. Hematite varies in color from brown to gray to gray blue. It can be earthy or have a metallic luster. Looking at this hematite, students identifying minerals with a key will start in the "nonmetallic" section. Students should see more than one hematite variety and should know that the characteristic rust red streak readily identifies the mineral. Useful when compared with limonite, since these two iron ores would be separated by the color of the streak.

Hematite is identified by its red to dark red streak. It should be compared with magnetite (black streak) and limonite, with a mustard yellow streak. The crystallized "specular" variety of hematite can be confused with magnetite. The streak will tell a student which is which. The name hematite is derived from the Greek word for blood, in allusion to the color of the powdered mineral.

These are smaller than the specimens we usually have in stock, but are more than adequate for student work. They ship in a small flat rate box unless combined with other purchases.



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